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Effective Concussion Treatment In Victoria BC

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Concussion Resolution offers safe, effective concussion treatment in Victoria BC, in accordance with up to date concussion research and treatment guidelines.

Our clients range from young athletes to non sport related concussions, motor vehicle accident (MVA) cases, acute and chronic cases of Post Concussion Syndrome.

Often times acute concussions (between time of injury and 10 days) can be treated in one or two sessions. Post Concussion Syndrome and complex associated symptoms can also benefit from our safe, non invasive approach to treatment.

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Are you experiencing Headaches? Dizziness? Fogginess? Feeling 'off' and not yourself due to a head injury?

Tired of feeling unwell and anxious to get back to Sports, Life, Work or School?

You aren't alone! Many people have felt just like you and FELT BETTER after working with Jenna Howe.  Feel better faster.  Contact us today.

 "I got my concussion from a crosscheck in a hockey game. I had concussion symptoms for three weeks prior to treatment. Some of my symptoms were pressure on the back of my eyes, headaches, dizziness, tunnel vision, fogginess in the head, light intolerance, and difficulties sleeping.   Directly after my treatment, the pressure in my eyes was gone and the majority of my symptoms were gone in 48 hours.   Before my second session I had a slight headache and eye pressure. after that session those symptoms were gone and they have not returned since.   I would highly recommend this treatment for any athletes  with a concussion or thinking they might have one. "  -Nick, age 17

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We provide King-Devick Concussion Assessment, Post Concussion Treatment and NeuroKinetic Therapy for Acute and Chronic Sports Injuries in Victoria British Columbia. With over 20 years of sports rehabilitation and 10 years concussion treatment services, we are here to help you get back in the game!

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